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Bücker Jungmann

Bücker Jungmann A-12 / G-CCHY completed her post-restoration test flights in June/July 2009 and flew "hands-off" with no trim adjustments required. The restoration included fabric stitching in the correct style used by the Bücker factory and returning the aircraft to her WWII period Swiss A/F paint scheme, complete with correct stencils.

This aircraft started life in 1938 at the Do Flug factory at Altenrhein before passing into the hands of the Swiss Air Force at the Dubendorf Pilot School, serving for nearly twenty years until it was sold to the Aero Club of Ascona as HB-UTZ in 1955, changing hands again in 1962 when the aircraft was sold to the Firenze Aero Club in Italy where the aircraft stayed for some time. Eventually A-12 was acquired by Giovanni Marchi and returned to the air in Swiss colours before being brought to the UK by the current owner.

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