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1   Link   Bianchi Aviation Film Services
During the last 50 years the services we offer have somewhat changed, as has the brief from production..........

Aligning ourselves to the latest techniques and a creative understanding of what motion picture producers and directors require, puts us at the forefront of the supply of aviation and associated effects needed in the film industry.

The supply of aircraft for filming is not so difficult, however all of the additional needs are more complex, pilots with the knowledge to do what is required at a safe level with expert co-ordination. The logistics of where you fly and the experienced accredited support organisation with the necessary equipment are all factors that will achieve success for productions with budgets small or large.

Other services we offer are much simpler, including. Technical adviser consultancy, aviation and military props rental, aircraft manufacturing, location’s, risk assessment surveys etc.
2   Link   Repertoire Collectables
Bringing the experience of over fifty years of collecting, Repertoire Collectables provides a specialist gallery of rare artefacts from the aviation, film and motor sport industries.

Ranging from rare small components to full size aircraft and racing cars, the gallery also includes documentation, film props, militaria and decorative items.
3   Link   Racing Repertoire
Historic Racing Repertoire - collector & competition car restoration, preparation, circuit support, transportation, storage and unique product sales with a bespoke service for race clothing from leading Italian manufacturers.
4   Link   RAF Museum
The RAF Museum has sites at Hendon and Cosford, a great day out for all the family.
5   Link   Fantasy of Flight Museum
Located in Florida, this museum has one of the largest collections of privately owned vintage aircraft in the world. PPS have been involved with a number of these aircraft.
6   Link   Warbird Resource Group
Resources for those wanting to learn more about military aircraft.
7   Link   The Bücker Pages
Information and help with all things Bücker.
8   Link   Stow Maries
Stow Maries is a time-capsule airfield from the WWI Royal Flying Corps era. An incredible place which has to be seen to be believed.
9   Link   Aeroplane Magazine
One of the UK's foremost vintage aircraft magazines.
10   Link   Pilotfriend
Pilot resources, aviation history and aviation weather for general aviation.