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Sales of Aircraft & Spares

Our reputation for finding unique aircraft for private clients and museums is internationally acknowledged. We are continually discovering rare aircraft to meet collectors requirements, including examples from the dawn of aviation to the fighters and bombers of WWI & WWII through to classic biplanes and the best hand-built modern aerobatic aircraft.

If you are considering selling your aeroplane our company sells on a commission basis and offers a discreet service for both buyer and seller. Alternatively, if you are looking to find that rare individual aircraft please call as we are able to assist in all respects.

If you require an independent engineering survey or valuation to be carried out on a potential aircraft purchase please get in touch as we would be happy to assist.

We also buy and sell rare aircraft, aero engines, spares and collectors memorabilia, to take a look at the current list please see below:


Ref: A47068
Messerschmitt Bf109 F4 Projects


Ref: A49009
Supermarine Spitfire Vb / Seafire MK1b Project


Ref: A48099
1929 Great Lakes 2T-1A Project


Ref: A49006
Yak 9P S/N 01-35 Project


Ref: A47066
1967 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser


1949 Stampe SV4B


Ref: A48099
1929 Great Lakes 2T-1A Project


1992 Siai Marchetti F-260D


Waco WMF
British Registered, Immaculate Condition


Stampe SV4C Project
British Registered, Serial Numbered



Ref: A49001
Hispano Suiza 12Y CRS.1
Aircraft Engine


De Havilland Gypsy Major 10
Mk 2 Engine


Armstrong Siddeley "Mamba"
Propeller Turbine Engine


Ref: A49004
De Havilland Gypsy Major 200
Skeeter Helicopter Engine


Ref: A48098
Argus AS 410 German Air-Cooled
V-12 Engine


Ref: A49044
Dismantled and Incomplete Hirth Engine


Curtis OX5
Excellent but Dismantled Condition


80hp Clerget
For Restoration


Jacobs 295hp
Overhauled with Overhauled Constant Speed Hamilton Propellor ex-Cessna 195



Morane Sauliner MS230 Package

Please return to this website regularly for the latest available selection of aircraft and related items.